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Battery Tester Reviews

AAA, C, & D Battery Tester Reviews

Smaller Batteries may be easy to find, but what will you test them with? How to test your batteries the most effective way and what types of AAA, AA, C, D battery testers are out there?  Do they work?  And, what testers will work best for you?

Different Battery Tester Applications

 Different batteries need different test and measurement devices for different applications.  Not all battery testers are created equal.  There are different tester sizes, different processed and methods for different battery chemistry and applications.

No Magical Results, Just Proven Track Records

There is no magical results derived from battery analysis, no matter what type of testing apparatus you are using.  Different batteries demand different algorithms.  Different chemistry and battery sizes demand different loads.  And finally different battery analyzers provide different answers for what is considered a “Good” battery.The most important thing you need to consider is what will work for you.  A AAA battery tester for a TV remote will not be the same as critical apps for the NASA space program backup systems.

Simple Concept…  You Flip A Switch And Get An Accurate Evaluation Of Your Battery.  Not So Fast…

Not all battery testers are created equal.  Expect to pay a pretty penny for an accurate device, because most of the equipment you will find out there is quite frankly inaccurate.  For some cases “good enough” is OK for most, but when critical apps, life safety and health is a concern.  You need reliability and it doesn’t come cheap, but you can sleep at night knowing you will get the power you want when you need it the most.

Batteries Backup The Cloud, Storms Try To Knock Out Your Cloud.

When disasters strike and that literal black cloud comes in to threaten your Internet connection or even more critical application, you need a tester you can count on.  It is like a backup system for your backup system.  And if you have invested in one, you had better know the importance of investing in the other as the majority of all UPS system failures result from faulty batteries.

Social Battery Testing for longer life

Parallel battery testing, Series battery testing and both combined.  What are you thinking?  String testers were designed for a quick and easy fix for the time consuming problem of testing individual batteries, but string testing can lead to shorter battery life and faster failures.  Not to mention lighter company wallets.  Individual load testing is the only reliable way to go.  when socially interacting, one bad battery may be bringing down the rest.  Try battery matching to save the rest of your good batteries from being dragged down by one Power sucking bad apple in your string.

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