“Battery Charger Reviews That Empower” The Best Chargers Leave Your Batteries Undamaged & Ready To Go Back Online…And…The Reviews Are Almost In… What battery charger will work best for your application?  What battery chargers cause damage?  What different types of chargers are available for your battery chemistry?
Battery Charger Reviews Empower

Battery Charger Reviews

AAA, AA, C, D Battery Charger Reviews

 Should you throw out those little batteries and let your grandchildren wade through the waste cleaning up out problem, or should you use the green choice? Will rechargeable batteries work for your application?  What options are available?

Different Battery Charger Applications

As there are different batteries for different applications.  There are also different chargers for different applications.  Not all batteries are created equal, and not all chargers are either, so make sure you pick the right tool for the job.  

No Magical Difference Between Battery Chargers, But There Are Big Differences In Your Results.

Do you want a quick solution?  Do you want your batteries to last?  Do you want to reduce your battery’s life?There is no magical difference between battery chargers intended for the same battery chemistry, but there are simple facts which separate good battery chargers from bad ones.  Quick may save you some time but you may lose out in the long haul. 

Simple Concept…  Flip A Switch And Charge Your Batteries Without Blowing Them Up?

Yes, you read that correctly and it is i9n the literal sense.  Boom.  Pick The wrong charger to save some time and money and you could end up exploding your favorite battery.  Why?  Batteries emit gasses and gasses explode.  Cheap “quick chargers”  Speed Chargers” and “Fast Chargers”  can destroy your batteries.  So what should you use to charge ?

Should You Surf The Cloud As Long As You Can?

How do you charge your laptop batteries?  Should you let them die down to zero power?  Or should you keep them charged?  Which option lengthens the life of your laptop battery?  Can you get a replacement?  Where?  And which one is best for you? 

Social Battery Charging.  Can You Charge in Parallel?  Series?

Should you charge your batteries in Parallel, Series and/or both?  What does this mean to your preset voltage and AHR settings on your charging apparatus?   If you are going to charge all these batteries together.  Make sure AHRs are the same Voltage is the same and make sure to utilize battery matching during charging as well as during use for longer battery life.

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