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Battery reviews for the specific type of battery your are looking for,Battery Reviews You Can Count On revies based on your battery type or by your specific application, Battery Specific And Testing Specific.  AAA, AA, C, D, Lead Acid, Lithium Ion, 12v battery

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  • Car Battery tester
  • Forklift Battery tester
  • UPS Battery tester
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Battery Reviews

AAA, AA, C, D Battery Reviews

AAA, AA, C, D Batteries are easy to find, but what types or brands of these little batteries will work best for your application?  Longest life?  DOA? What will work best for you?

Different Battery Applications

Different batteries for different applications.  Not all batteries are created equal.  There are different sizes, different chemistry and different applications for all types of batteries.

No Magical Difference Between Batteries of the Same Chemistry

There is no magical difference between batteries of the same chemistry, but there are simple facts which separate good batteries from bad ones.  Take lead acid.  The quality of the materials hidden behind the plastic separates the good from the bad

Simple Concept…  When You Turn The Power On You Want It To Stay On…

Not all battery Testers are created equal.  You have the cheap quick fix and the quick lasting solution.  Without testing your batteries you will never know if you will get the power you want when you need it the most.

Batteries Backup The Cloud You Are Currently Surfing On.

What type of batteries backup your Internet connections?  Mostly the good old time tested and proven reliable lead acid battery.  They are heavy, filled with lead and acid and built to last for years (even double digits).  So what makes sure these reliable workhorses are ready to go?

Social Batteries

There is social media and there are social batteries.  Parallel, Series  and both what does this mean to your voltage and AHR.   Things can add up quickly and when socially interacting, one bad battery may be bringing down the rest.  Try battery matching to save the rest of your good batteries from being dragged down by one bad apple (or bad battery :) )

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